Palm Leaf Oval Platter 19×26 cm. (10 pieces)

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Palm leaf platter, oval, 19x26cm, ideal for home use in parties and various family or friendly gatherings.

A natural product, not coated with plastic film. It is biodegradable and compostable. Suitable for freezer and 1000W microwave ovens up to 2 minutes, for cold and hot foods.

Serve fruit, nuts or various appetizers and delicacies and combine it with wooden cutlery from the range for a totally eco-friendly choice in food packaging items!

It is recommended to be used within a few days after opening the package. Indicatively, it is recommended very fatty foods up to 30 minutes before consumption.

Extra Tip : For additional protection of the product from moisture, a drying bag is included inside the package.


Material: Palm Leaf

Dimensions: 19 x 26 cm 7.48” x 10.24”

Packaging: 20 x 10 pcs

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