Food PICK products: “Making a difference” in the user’s taste experience!

Food PICK products: "Making a difference" in the user's taste experience! | Tessera Sustainable Packaging®
Leading catering companies, restaurants and fast food groups around the world are making food serving products – known in the market as “picks” – a top priority for their packaging equipment.

Products belonging to the Picks category are used for a variety of dishes, from appetizers and finger food to kebabs. The type of product chosen for a foodservice establishment is what will make the difference in the overall dining experience of the user.

Products in the “paddle picks” category are quite easy to use due to the flat surface on the handle, as they are easy to hold firmly by the user. In the Tessera Sustainable Packaging® range, the serving utensils are made of bamboo and are environmentally friendly solutions, ideal for use in restaurants and catering companies.

Similarly, the products in the “Knotted Picks” category are characterised by their special design, which attracts the eye and is the first stage of the user’s interaction with the meal served.

Many customers approve the appearance of the dish by the type of Pick with which it is served. Choose Knotted picks from the Tessera Sustainable Packaging® range, which stand out for the special decoration on the top.

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