Biodegradable packaging products: 4 important reasons to choose them.

Biodegradable packaging products: 4 important reasons to choose them. | Tessera Sustainable Packaging®
Adding sustainability to the quiver of any corporate strategy is now a given and the food industry has put eco-friendly packaging at the core of attention.

This new reality brings about a restriction on the use of non-biodegradable materials, including plastic, where it is not necessary, in order to prevent it from entering the human body through the food chain.

The transition from single-use plastics to ‘eco-conscious’ packaging products seems a natural progression for the majority of companies in the coffee sector. This means that wholesalers are already supplied with the necessary quantities of certified products for their environmentally friendly properties.

The choice of biodegradable over non-biodegradable lies in their comparative advantages:

1. Biodegradation is a natural process in which materials are converted into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass with the help of microorganisms or enzymes. The process of biodegradation is carried out through a biological process depends on the environmental conditions and on the material or application itself. The timeline is not very specifically defined.

2. Biodegradable products are not always compostable but compostable products are biodegradable.

3. One way for the conditions of the biodegradation to be defined is to be performed through industrial or home composting facilities. Composting is a human-driven process in which biodegradation occurs under a specific set of conditions.

4. When the conditions are completely defined and they are properly handled through composting, these materials have the benefits of compostable materials such us:
– contribution to reduced volume of organic waste that ends up in landfills
– reduction of methane that is generated there by the decomposition of organic materials
– positive impact on nature, environment, and the greenhouse gas emission because of carbon dioxide which is approximately 25 times less harmful to the climate than methane.

Ultimately, packaging products that are discarded leaving the minimum possible environmental footprint are gradually winning over consumers for their environmental benefits.

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