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Sugarcane | Tessera Sustainable Packaging®
Disposable packaging materials from sugarcane are a natural, sustainable choice, since -as a by-product of sugar production- sugarcane does not require additional arable land for its harvesting. Furthermore, their natural look, colour and texture make them particularly aesthetically pleasing. Due to its very nature, Sugarcane or Bagasse is suitable for both hot and cold food products, while it is resistant to humidity. All our sugarcane products in the Tessera Sustainable Packaging® line are PFOS-Free and PFOA-Free. Make the right choice and add value to any food menu!
Sugarcane lids
Sugarcane plates & platters
Sugarcane food boxes
Sugarcane bowls
Sugarcane food containers - safe lock
M/W sugarcane food containers
M/W sugarcane food containers with flat lids
M/W sugarcane food containers – multiple compartments
Sugarcane dressing cups & bowls
Sugarcane sushi trays
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