The conversion of food waste to food for thought!

The conversion of food waste to food for thought! | Tessera Sustainable Packaging®
4+1 ways that help every HO.RE.CA. professional to reduce food waste.

The global phenomenon of food waste has brought multiple social and financial contrasts worldwide to the surface. In 2019, according to research, 700 million people suffered from starvation, while 900 tons of food were disposed inside garbage cans, 60% of which was household garbage disposal.

This particular matter is not only a social, but also an environmental issue, since it is closely related to greenhouse gas emissions thus affecting climate change.

By reducing food waste as a principle of sustainability food is reborn and food waste is converted to smart and creative ideas. Food for thought both literally and metaphorically!

While the reduction of food waste seems like a complex process, every business can take certain actions and the results will be immediately noticeable.

Listed below are certain suggestions that each HO.RE.CA. professional can follow in order to contribute to the solution of this critical issue.

1. Staff training is a very useful tool for every business. Certifications regarding sustainability, updates and seminars about food waste can help raise the awareness of the staff and make them more sensitive towards these matters. As a result, environmentally friendly practices are cultivated inside the business thus adding a social dimension to the corporate ID.

2. Strategy development is of extreme significance for every business plan. Start by recording your supply purchases and portions served in your menu. Are you maybe exaggerating by buying more supplies than necessary? The next step is to reevaluate your actions by recording the amount of wasted food that was either served in the premises of the business or in take away or delivery packaging and ended up in a garbage disposal.

3. Make a donation. Every single type of business can help those in need. It is noteworthy that in 2020 and during the pandemic more than 50 million people had no access to basic, nutritious food. Recording the number of fresh products that you use and donate all unused ones!

4. The most sustainable “weapon” against food waste is composting. Through this process you “assist” food in returning to the environment and decomposing to organic matter, which turns into compost, a natural fertilizer”. By following the aforementioned steps, you remove food waste from garbage cans and “give it a second chance” instead.

5. Work with us! Intertan S.A. equips HO.RE.CA. and various other businesses with disposable food containers. Before following any of the steps mentioned above, make sure that the food packaging used in your business includes less amounts or recycled plastic, is eco friendly and can safely transport your products to the customer and can also be recycled after use. Browse our product catalogue and choose between the products that interest you from our Tessera Sustainable Packaging® range. Because every single move… counts!

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