Is it plastic free or not?

Is it plastic free or not? | Tessera Sustainable Packaging®
Everything you need to know about waterbased cups, the products we first recommended in the Greek market.

Undeniably, the only factor that defines the designation of a product as “plastic-free” is the criteria set by the European SUP Directive, which was incorporated into the greek law by Law 4736/2020.

Thus, our company strictly follows the European and national legislation regarding the correct use of the “plastic free” property.

Similar commercial products presented with this attribute are certified by a laboratory that evaluates with different criteria and standards than those defined by the SUP directive (2019/904).

Therefore, waterbased cups that circulate on the market are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, but with the exception of not being plastic free.

This is the definitive reason why the SUP Directive label is placed with the turtle, which informs the consumer that the product contains plastic in its manufacture, even if it is a very small percentage, as required by the legislation; it indicates that even a small percentage of plastic is used in the manufacture of the product.

We are always searching ways to provide you with the most reliable and accurate information, which is why we thoroughly draw your attention to the selection of trusted partners and the transmission of any erroneous information.

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